Best 5 Oral Sex Positions

Oral sex is one of the most convincing things to enjoy romance adequately and wonderfully. Straight penetration isn’t always the right thing to do at all. It is something that should be employed in erotic acts if you want to experience harmony at its best.

A great number of people went straight to the business make them miss a solid amount of fun. If you are one of them, then it’s time to change your strategy a little bit. In this post, we are going about the top 5 oral sex positions to try tonight. Trust us, it will be a fun thing to do and shouldn’t be missed at any cost. Meanwhile Chandigarh Escort is expert in oral sex.

     1. The Intense Headrest

The best position to enjoy oral intensely is The Intense Headrest, where the receiver lies back, and the giver places the leg between the partner’s legs. This position can give perfect access to the penis allowing your male partner to enjoy exciting pleasure.

If you want to make it better, then warping your arms across the legs is an exciting thing to do.

     2. Lady Godiva

This position is made for people who want to please their female partners through an oral activity. Here, your lady love will sit on the top of the mouth allowing you to give perfect stimulation to her pussy.

The female can move her body upside down for making things easier for the giver.

     3. Naughty Doggy

This one is for the couples who love the doggy style position. Here, the girl has to bend her knees in the same position whereas the boy will use her tongue instead of a penis.

The level of passion displayed by this posture is almost impossible to match.

     4. The Scissors Slide

The Scissors Slide is a next-level position where the receiver has to sit on the edge of the bed with legs open. Sucking penis or clitoris is definitely a pleasing act to experience.

Also, it is one of the most underrated positions to try for oral across the world.

     5. Golden Triangle

The receiver has to sit on the chair, and the giver has to bend knees so that licking the private part becomes easier.

If the receiver is a female, then the fingers can also be used for stroking and pleasing her.


Which one of these are you going to try tonight? All of these best oral sex positions are worthy of a try. Don’t miss them!